Welcome to month 2 of the LeaWay Lifestyle Program.

This is the ‘ignitor’ program as its designed to turn you into a fat burning machine. BUT –

This months hormonal reset is focusing on cortisol, and how by using the ‘wind down routine’ you are going to balance a powerful hormone that will flow on to having numerous positive effects on your; ability to burn fat, mood, concentration, hunger, cravings and general wellbeing.

Watch the coaching videos I have for you below and get started by taking each of the three steps with your meal plan, workouts and lifestyle.

See you in the tribe!

IMPORTANT: This is 100% designed to walk you through the step-by-step process that will transform your body. Simply follow the plan and take each step. This is NOT about trying everything all at once. This is about doing the small, but powerful steps that build into each other.

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We start with the Wind Down Routine challenge… it’s a game changer!




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This Months Challenge:
The Wind Down Routine

Here is Challenge #2: The Wind Down Routine

With your hormonal and lifestyle reset plan we will be focussing on balancing your bodies major stress hormone; Cortisol.

As cortisol is NOT all bad, and it’s more about balance and how other important metabolic hormones work with each other.

That’s why the Wind Down Routine has been designed to not only finish off each day the right way.
But, set you up for success with your physique, health, personal and professional life.

The powerful effect that these simple steps in the wind down routine give you have been life changing for many (including myself).

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