Welcome to month 3 of you being part of the LeaWay Lifestyle Program.

This takes you one more advanced step forward that includes important changes with your meal plan, workouts and also using the ‘flame quench’ protocol.

This months challenge and focus is about bringing balance around inflammation and the common causes that heighten your inflammation.

With your meal plan we move to a ‘carb backloading’ method that shows your body how carbs eaten before dinner can have a host of positive effects. Your workouts are upgraded with a 4-day training split that also includes a Met Con day.

Go through the 3-steps to get your meal plan, workouts and lifestyle plan… and I’ll see you in the LeaWay Lifestyle Community.


Download Your Meal Guide
Know what, when and how to eat each day.

Download Your Workouts
Fit your training into your life and watch your body transform

Start The Challenge
We start with the Green Smoothie Monster challenge… it’s a game changer!



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This Months Challenge:
The Flame Quench

Are you ready to take on our starting 30-day challenge…?

This months challenge: The Flame Quench.

A very common problem that has been building up for years with sub-optimal food choices and modern lifestyle can lead to a inflammation problem. This is where we can attack one of the root causes through using an auto-immune protocol that I have designed inside of the flame quench challenge.

The focus starts with food choices, and having foods that are high in nutrition and that are NOT going to cause an inflammatory reaction and cause distress upon the gut.

This entire program is designed to be simple to follow, yet powerful with flow on effect to boosting your bodies ability to burn fat and health.

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