Welcome to month 1 of you being a part of the LeaWay Lifestyle Program.
Let me quickly walk you through how to get the most out of being here, and getting started today.

You will see the few bullet points below giving you the next actions. Then watch the coaching video that I recorded for you.
And then finally I have your workout program, meal guide and plan below to download and access today.

IMPORTANT: This is 100% designed to walk you through the step-by-step process that will transform your body. Simply follow the plan and take each step. This is NOT about trying everything all at once. This is about doing the small, but powerful steps that build into each other.

Watch the coaching video I recorded for you.
Let me walk you through how to get easily started and access everything.

Download Your Guides
Below you have your workout, meal guide and plan. Download these to start now.

Start Your 1st Challenge
Join us on our monthly challenge, that secretly sets you up for long-term success.



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This Months Challenge:
The Green Smoothie Monster

Are you ready to take on our starting 30-day challenge…?

As a part of each month we want you to join us in each challenge.

This is so you take on the small and powerful habits that launch you to the body, health and life you want.

We start with: 1 green smoothie each day.

…and be sure to post in the MY TRIBE group our daily updates and new recipes. To get you started click below to get the recipe and green smoothie guide.

P.S. It’s even better when you get friends and family into it. So share the link that the recipe and guide is on to make this even better.

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